Specialist wholefood supplements, when tailored to the individual, can help aid people in a transition to a healthier lifestyle. 

If you want to improve weight management, improve your gut health, boost your energy levels and strengthen your immune system, adding supplements to a balanced diet, may be for you.

We recommend the Dr. Nigma range of food supplements. Founded by wellness expert Nigma Taleb who is a Naturopathic doctor based in Los Angeles. Nigma has lectured all over the world and has appeared as a keynote lecturer for the “In Goop health” seminars and podcasts. She is the author of best selling book Reverse the Signs of Ageing and Younger Skin Starts in the Gut. Her passion for creating high quality, science-based supplements and skin care has reached consumers internationally and started with Net a Porter being one of the first pioneers to introduce vitamin supplements to the fashion industry. “Dr. Nigma Talib gives her patients power through knowledge,” says Kate Bosworth, who’s joined by Sienna Miller, Penelope Cruz and Emilia Fox on the Naturopathic Practitioner’s long-standing client list.

At the Melissa Couple luxury wellbeing clinic we can discuss supplements with you and you can purchase the following supplements:

Healthy Flora‘ – this supplement are packed with a researched blend of probiotics to improve digestion and overall gut health. Please see label for full list of ingredients.

Beauty In A Bottle‘ – this supplement contains 20 powerful ingredients to boost your hair, skin and nails.

Immortal Skin‘ – formulated as a powder, this is a vitamin-rich supplement packed with 23 powerful ingredients including Marine Collagen and Probiotics to help slow down the signs of ageing. “Internal wellness shows up on your face” says Dr Nigma.

Please see individual product labels for full list of ingredients.

Book a wellbeing consultation today to find out how supplements could improve your overall wellbeing. 

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