Prescription Facial

Our prescription facials are results driven and designed to help calm, correct and combat the most common skin concerns, including:

  • Pigment / age spots / sun damage
  • Redness / inflammation / rosacea
  • Acne / open pores / excess oil
  • Fine lines & wrinkles / uneven texture

We appreciate that our clients’ needs are different and ever-changing and that’s why each one of our facials are completely tailored to your skin’s exact requirements.

Only pharmaceutical grade, active ingredients, proven to penetrate the skin to its deepest layers, are used to bring your skin back to optimal health and help reverse the signs of premature ageing, UV damage, inflammation and acne.

Only when the skin is in good health, will it begin to look healthier, feel more youthful and become naturally more radiant.

All prescription facials include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, bespoke peel, tailored face and scalp massage and multi-vitamin, made to order mask.

Follow your facial with an LED medical grade Dermulux light treatment, for instant radiance and optimal results.

Treatment Duration
For acne / excess oil / blackheads 60 From £158.00 Book
For redness / thread veins / rosacea 60 From £158.00 Book
For pigment / discolouration 60 From £158.00 Book
For fine lines and wrinkles 60 From £158.00 Book
For severe ageing 60 From £158.00 Book
For pregnancy 60 £184.00 Book