Cosmelan® Peel

Cosmelan® is the world’s leading hyper-pigmentation ‘removal’ treatment, that can be used to treat Melasma, Chloasma, as well as post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (PIH), caused by injury or acne.

Skin hyper-pigmentation is caused by abnormal production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin colour and a consequence of uncontrolled, localized overproduction of melanin inside the melanocyte, which causes irregular skin colouration and dark spots.

Numerous external and internal factors can cause hyper-pigmentation and it affects more than 90% of adults at some stage in their life.

Cosmelan® has an exclusive combination of active substances that have proven efficacy, acting on all phases of the hyper-pigmentation process;

  • Eliminating existing hyper-pigmentation on the skin’s surface
  • Preventing its reappearance
  • Stopping the appearance of new dark spots

The treatment is safe for use on any skin type and usually only one treatment is required to see a significant improvement of the skin. In 99% of cases there is a reduction in hyper-pigmentation of up to 95%.

Treatment Duration
Cosmelan® (incl. face and neck) 30 £850.00 Book