IPL & Laser Hair Removal

We use a combination of laser (Nd:YAG) and IPL for permanent hair reduction. We use a medical grade system called Lynton which offers excellent clinical results on all skin colours and hair colour.

IPL and laser work in slightly different ways in order to remove unwanted body hair. IPL emits scattered wavelengths of light into the skin and targets the pigment in the hair. The light penetrates the hair, turning to heat and kills the growing cells that make up the hair. However, IPL is more suited to pale skin with dark hair.

Differently, lasers only emit one wavelength and can be used on darker skin tones. Specifically, the Nd:YAG laser is used for hair removal on medium to dark skins, because it has a slightly longer wavelength that penetrates deeper into the skin and therefore is safer to use on darker skin tones.

A consultation will determine whether IPL or laser will be used to treat your unwanted body hair.


Treatment Duration
Centre brow or earlobes 20 £30.00 Book
Upper lip 20 £30.00 Book
Lip & chin 20 £60.00 Book
Jaw, chin & upper lip 30 £95.00 Book
Full face 45 £120.00 Book
Full face & front neck 45 £150.00 Book


Treatment Duration
Underarm 30 £60.00 Book
Hands and feet 45 £95.00 Book
Bikini (standard) 45 £95.00 Book
Bikini (Brazilian) 45 £120.00 Book
Bikini (full) 60 £150.00 Book
Bikini (full) incl. buttocks 60 £200.00 Book
Full arm 60 £150.00 Book
Half arm 45 £95.00 Book
Upper leg 45 £150.00 Book
Lower leg 45 £120.00 Book
Full leg 75 £270.00 Book


Treatment Duration
Centre brow or earlobes 30 £45.00 Book
Upper cheeks 30 £65.00 Book
Front or back of the neck 30 £95.00 Book
Upper cheeks & front of the neck 45 £120.00 Book
Full beard removal incl. neck 60 £150.00 Book


Treatment Duration
Hands & feet 45 £105.00 Book
Underarm 45 £70.00 Book
Lower arm or chest or stomach 60 £170.00 Book
Whole arm or full back (only) does not incl. shoulders or arms 75 £205.00 Book
Chest & stomach 75 £220.00 Book
Back incl. shoulders / upper arms 90 £270.00 Book
Full legs 90 £350.00 Book