Post-Pregnancy/C-Section Massage

The post-pregnancy/c- section massage focuses on breaking down adhesions, which can cause tightness, pain and compromise normal tissue functioning. ⁣

Working above, below and on the scar itself, promotes good mobility of the connective tissue and improves the function of the abdominal muscles. ⁣

Using specific massage techniques post c-section, can prevent excessive scarring and make the scar appear less noticeable.⁣

Unfortunately, most women are only advised to monitor the outside appearance of their scar post c-section, checking for signs of infection only. ⁣

A lot of women are not shown or advised on why they should massage their scars and why massage is beneficial, leaving women to suffer, sometimes for years, in discomfort or even pain.⁣

Also note, whether it has been months or even years since your c-section, it’s never too late to benefit from this type of massage and achieve improvements.⁣

Treatment Duration
Post-Pregnancy/C-Section Massage 60 £126 Book