Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage is a manual therapeutic technique that assists, optimises and facilitates the circulation of the lymph and its expulsion. This leads to accelerating the removal of residues, microorganisms and toxic substances not necessary to the body. This result presents benefits on the immune system and the promotion of microcirculation, in addition to the therapeutic effects.

The main benefits of manual lymphatic drainage are:

Improve lymphatic circulation

Stimulate the immune processes

General well-being

Relieve pain/discomfort

Elimination of liquids and toxins accumulated in the body

Assist in the treatment of cellulite

Combat swelling and fluid retention

Decrease or relieve body volume

Reduced and control edema and lymphedema

Collaborate in tissue healing and promote tissue regeneration


Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic sculpting massage 75 mins £140
Gut health lymphatic massage 75 mins £120
Medical lymphatic massage 75 mins £120